Are you looking for a AGRICULTURAL DESALTER or


or any other product to IMPROVE YOUR WATER but so far have not found the right solution and all you have asked stratospheric figures?

Did not find the RIGHT SOLUTION why do you not ever read this page!

Now you know that fact with EUROPURE you can have the best technology at an unbeatable price thanks to our pre-assembled kit. A system allowing you to a lower price than you can imagine without compromising on quality and the exceptional performance of our products.

Be protected from any surprise, and you will have at your service more than 30 years of know-how and all our experience in the field of Water Treatment.


Whether you need a home water purifier, a softener, a dispenser or any other commercial water remediation treatment, EUROPURE has the solutions. When you need the know-how to assist and support your projects, EUROPURE has the support system.
With the purchase of an EUROPURE Pre-Assembled kits you will receive the following benefits:

-You will be able to purchase the best equipment to solve your exact water problem;
- You will be able to understand the quality difference of our products versus competitors;
-You will be offered only the necessary products you need to solve your water problem;
-You will receive a well thought out instruction manual for easy installation;
-You will receive FREE technical assistance from our highly trained staff to help you solve any kind of problem associated with your installation or water problems;
- With our EUROPURE Kits you will be saving an average of 50% or more for state-of-the-art equipment and installation expenses.

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